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General Information
     All Putnam County Corrections Facility inmates are authorized to order and receive commissary once per week from our in-house commissary. They are also authorized to receive orders placed by family or friends through the Access Catalog Securepak program. These Securepak orders are also delivered once per week. (See information about the Access Securepak program below)

     All inmates are allowed to order everything from the commissary menu posted on the kiosk in their housing location, except those inmates whose commissary privileges have been suspended due to disciplinary reasons. All inmates who have commissary privileges suspended are only permitted to order and receive personal hygiene items and writing materials.

     Commissary is a privilege offered by the Putnam County Corrections Facility, which can be revoked at any time for failure to abide by the rules and regulations or for abuse of the privilege. Commissary privileges may be restricted by Medical personnel for health reasons. In addition, commissary privileges may be suspended or restricted by action of the Disciplinary Board or Jail Administration for violations of Putnam County Corrections Facility rules and regulations.

     Inmates who have temporarily had their commissary privileges suspended may still receive personal hygiene items and writing materials. Commissary privileges shall not be denied or suspended on the basis of an inmate’s disability (i.e., physical or mental impairment).

     No in-house commissary order may exceed the purchase limit or item quantity limit. They also may not exceed the inmate’s available funds. When the order exceeds these purchase limits or available funds, the automated system will prevent the inmate order from being placed.

     All inmates are able to place their orders from one of the computer kiosks located in his/her housing area. The commissary menu is located on the kiosk and includes the commissary items and their cost, as well as the inmate's commissary account balance.

     All inmates are provided basic hygiene items when they are initially booked into the Putnam County Corrections Facility. They are then able to make purchases from the in-house commissary. Should inmates not have funds available to make purchases, they will be considered indigent and will be able to order indigent packs to provide the following: soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, two (2) stamped envelopes, writing paper and a pen.

     Inmates whose accounts remain less than $5.00 for more than five (5) days will be considered indigent and will then be able to order an indigent pack each week through the kiosks in their housing areas.

     When depositing money to the inmate's account, it must be received and posted to the inmate’s account prior to their ordering for the week. Deposits placed on the green Vendengine kiosk in the lobby of the Putnam County Corrections Facility (Sheriff's Office Lobby) or by internet are immediately placed on the inmates's account and available to the inmate for commissary orders. Commissary ordering days are on Saturdays and Sundays, so please make deposits prior to or by these days in order for the inmate to have funds available to order for the upcoming week (See more on how to Deposit Money below). The processed orders are delivered to the inmates during the week on as regular a schedule as is possible and as time allows.

     Generally, deliveries are made as follows:

  • Monday: Minimum, Segregation, and Holding areas
  • Tuesday: Female Housing
  • Wednesday: Medium and Maximum security housing areas
  • Thursday/Friday: Alternate delivery days for in-house commissary, if needed, and Securepak order deliveries.

     Inmates may purchase the following items via the commissary:

  • Snacks
  • Writing Materials
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Selected Articles of Clothing
  • Phone Time

     Inmates may also take advantage of other privileges available on the kiosks in their housing area that will incur charges to their commissary account to include: texts, emails, and video visitation.

Depositing Money

     You may deposit money onto an inmates account in the following ways:

  • You may make a deposit (cash or credit/debit card) through the green VendEngine™ kiosk in the lobby of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office lobby.
  • You may make a deposit by credit/debit card on your computer at JailFunds™ Website
  • You may download and use the JailFunds™ Phone App on your smart phone.
  • You may make a deposit by credit/debit card by calling: 1-855-836-3364

Phone Time Purchases

     Putnam County Corrections Facility uses City Tele Coin for their inmate phone service. Phone time is purchased in increments of ten-dollars ($10.00) with each ten-dollar purchase providing a pin number that is immediately available on the kiosk for the inmate's use.

     Methods of purchasing phone time are:

  • You may make phone time purchases (cash or credit/debit card) in increments of $10.00 through the black CTC kiosk in the lobby of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.
  • You may make a deposit by credit/debit card online at the JailFunds™ Website
  • You may download and use the JailFunds™ Phone App on your smart phone.
  • You may set up a pre-paid account online at the City Tele Coin™ Website or by calling 1-318-746-1114

Access SecurePak®

     Access Securepak™ is an off-site commissary company for family and friends to place commissary orders to be shipped to inmates. This service is available for inmates housed at the Putnam County Corrections Facility. There is a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) minimum limit and a seventy-five dollar ($75.00) maximum weekly total limit on orders placed per inmate.

     Methods of placing SecurePak orders are:

  • Order online at or Access SecurePak®
  • Order by phone at: 1-800-546-6283
  • Order by mail by sending completed order form to: Access Securepak (TN), 10880 Linpage Place, St. Louis, MO, 63132
  • Order by fax: 1-866-754-2813

     SecurePak® order forms are available in the Putnam County Corrections Facility Visitation Area during regular visitation times.

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