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Visitation Hours
     By Appointment Only
     Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8am – 7pm

Visitation Contacts
     Appointments Phone: (931) 646-1442
     Contact Person: Sgt Matt Stinnett
     Contact Email:

How to schedule an appointment
     Starting each week on Thursday from 8am-12pm, you may phone (931) 646-1442 to schedule an appointment for either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. You may also call Friday from 8am-7pm to schedule for Saturday or Sunday, and also call on Saturday from 8am-7pm to make a Sunday appointment. We do not make same day appointments or any appointments for the following week.

     The Putnam County Sheriff's Office provides a positive family atmosphere inside visitation. We ask that all visitors comply with the visitation rules and dress code.

Visitation Rules
  • A photo ID must be presented each and every time you visit.
  • Visitors must be on time for their appointments. Visitation appointments may be cancelled for late arrivals.
  • No food or drinks will be allowed inside the visitation area.
  • No cell phones or electronic devices allowed inside the visitation area.
  • No bags, backpacks or purses allowed inside the visitation area.
  • No tobacco products allowed inside the visitation area.
  • No lighters or matches allowed inside the visitation area.
  • No weapons of any type allowed inside the visitation area.

Dress Code
  • No short shorts / short skirts / short dresses allowed.
  • No tank tops / tube tops / strapless or spaghetti strapped tops allowed.
  • No transparent / sheer / mesh clothing allowed.
  • No tight fitting tops or bottoms allowed such as spandex etc. allowed.
  • No ripped or torn clothing allowed.
  • No clothing displaying obscene or offensive / derogatory language or pictures will be allowed.
  • No clothing displaying gang related material will be allowed.

     We ask that you please be respectful of other visitors and inmates while in the visitation area. There will be no yelling or arguing while at visitation or you will be asked to leave and forfeit your remaining visitation time. Please make sure that all children are looked after and not allowed to become loud and disruptive to other families that are visiting or you may be asked to leave. We also ask that you do not communicate with any inmate whom you do not have visitation setup with. If any inmate that you are not here to visit tries to communicate with you please let the visitation officer know and the matter will be addressed. No messages of any kind will be taken for any inmate. No personal, legal, or medical information will be given out about any inmate in visitation.

     For security reasons, any individuals entering or leaving the premises may be subject to a search of their person, parcels, vehicle or other items in their possession. Any failure to comply with these rules or violation of any state or local laws will result in the termination of all visits and possible charges.

Video Visitation
     Putnam County Corrections offers video visitation for inmates and their families. Our current video visitation service provider is HomeWav™.

What is HomeWav™?
     Homewav™ is a video visitation program that Putnam County Corrections provides for families to be able to visit with inmates throughout the week. Homewav™ will require you to setup an account through their website and add funds to that account before being able to access video visitation.

How do I create a HomeWav™ account?
     To setup an account, you must visit the Homewav website (Link provided below). Any questions that you may have can be answered on their website such as how to add funds to your account or how to let an inmate know that you are available for a visit. For further assistance Homewav offers a toll free number at 1-844-394-6639 or an e-mail address of:

Video Visitation Rules
  • No drug or alcohol related talk or activities allowed.
  • No nudity, provocative clothing, or sexual content allowed.
  • No gang related material or attire allowed.
  • No driving while using video visitation.
  • No showing of television, news, or any other video programming.
  • No social media activities (facebook, twitter, etc.) allowed.

     All video visitations are monitored and reviewed daily. Failure to comply with these rules can result in the termination of your video visit call and possible loss of HomeWav™ privileges. Any violation of local or state laws will be reported and may result in possible charges.
Sgt. Matt Stinnett
Visitation Manager
Office: (931)528-8484 ext:3242
Fax: (931)526-7693

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