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     Led by Deputy Sergeant David Gibbons, the Transport Division is responsible for the transportation of inmates and mental health patients to and from different facilities within Putnam County and across the State of Tennessee. In the past, patient and prisoner transports were performed by on-duty patrol officers which adversely affected normal patrol duties. In 2014, the Transport Division was created not only to alleviate the strain on patrol operations but to also increase the safety and efficiency of transporting persons in custody. Deputies assigned to the Transport Division are trained in the safe transport of individuals within our communities.

     Deputies of the Transport Division work long hours and are sometimes called upon with short notice. In 2017, the Transport Division logged over 129,000 miles, transporting over 1800 prisoners and mental health patients. Transports are required for various reasons such as:

  • Mental Health Transports
  • Medical Appointments
  • Warrant Activity
  • Prison Confinement
  • Out-of-state Extraditions

     Since the creation of the Transport Division in 2014, the number of miles driven and individuals transported has exponentially grown. In 2016, a second Deputy was assigned to assist with the workload. As Putnam County grows, so will the need for a dedicated team of deputies, specially trained, to safely transport prisoners and patients within our County and beyond.

Sergeant David Gibbons
Transport Supervisor
Office: (931)528-8484
Fax: (931)528-7579

Deputy Robert Garrett
Transport Officer
Office: (931)528-8484
Fax: (931)528-7579

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